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"Trailblazer that brings passion to life! educators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, share, build, and transform the lives of others by empowering social and economic freedom." 

My Back Ground

After 20 years in the corporate industry, I made a life altering decision and decided to alter my career direction.   Following the dreams and aspirations of others,  left me feeling professionally suffocated.  All experiences both negative and positive have helped me to empathize with others so that I can skillfully empower them. Being discouraged from bumps in the road, have never been an option for me, instead I sought great mentors, attended business and personal building events and surrounded myself with inspirational people.

In 2018, the doors of opportunity opened with an amazing venue allowing me to share my vision with others. 

Currently, I serve professionals of all types and ages cause you're never too young or old to start! In 2019, we launched "Brand You Live" a platform where professionals of all types engage with major investors, potential partners, public & private organizations, and other business leaders. We successfully showcased a variety of clients such as, authors, credit repair, social media strategist, insurance agents, realtors, radio and TV personalities, nonprofit organizations,  general managers of fortune 500 companies, kid academies, to name a few.  I am a person from humble beginnings & spiritual convictions. I believe we are all created for a higher purpose and to make a positive contribution in society for all humankind.  If you're ready to soar to the next level, then Passion Valley, LLC  is the right place to start! 

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